Peter G. Snow

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BACKGROUND In 1984, an outbreak of an illness characterized by prolonged unexplained fatigue was reported in West Otago, New Zealand. This outbreak resembled other reported outbreaks of epidemic neuromyasthenia in that affected individuals presented with a spectrum of complaints ranging from transient diarrhea and upper respiratory disorders to chronic(More)
The alleged beneficial effect of selenium (Se) on fibromuscular rheumatism in residents of low soil-Se areas of New Zealand has been explored. Three dosing trials, two of them double blind trials, using physiological daily supplements (100 micrograms Se) of sodium selenite or selenomethionine and a placebo have been carried out. Blood Se and glutathione(More)
An apparent epidemic of undiagnosed illness in a rural general practice was investigated. The aims were to describe the illness, the characteristics of the people affected, and to look for possible causes. The patients were questioned about their symptoms, and both patients and controls matched for age and sex, were questioned about possible aetiological(More)
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