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Most individuals prefer bicycling separated from motor traffic. However, cycle tracks (physically separated bicycle-exclusive paths along roads, as found in The Netherlands) are discouraged in the USA by engineering guidance that suggests that facilities such as cycle tracks are more dangerous than the street. The objective of this study conducted in(More)
Because of how important walk access is for transit travel, service changes that affect walking distance, such as route or stop relocation, call for modeling at a fine enough level to accurately reflect the often arbitrary aspects of the access network and of demand distribution within a zone. Case studies of stop relocation in Boston and Albany demonstrate(More)
get a chance to clear built-up queues and, in a coordinated system , the signal returns to a background cycle (2). For example, in many applications priority requests are simply inhibited for a certain number of cycles or minutes after a priority interruption so as to ensure that other phases recover. This kind of blunt strategy limits the potential(More)
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