Peter G Duncan

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In a series of six anaesthetized children we have been unable to demonstrate any effect of anaesthetic concentrations of halothane or thiopentone on the brainstem auditory-evoked response. The results imply preservation of brain stem function during anaesthesia with these drugs and suggest future application of anaesthesia to the testing of hearing(More)
BACKGROUND Teaching ethics in public health programmes is not routine everywhere - at least not in most schools of public health in the European region. Yet empirical evidence shows that schools of public health are more and more interested in the integration of ethics in their curricula, since public health professionals often have to face difficult(More)
Significant attention has been paid to the history of public health in England during the final part of the twentieth century. Within this, however, the field that came to be known as specialist health promotion (SHP) has been relatively neglected. Between 1980 and 2000 those working in this field, generally known as health promotion specialists (HPSs),(More)
Urban lakes are often monitored and managed with limited consideration of adjacent communities. Generally, when communities are considered in relation to urban lakes, they are viewed simply as sources of pollutants. Given the inevitable interactions between an urban lake and the surrounding inhabitants, the community must be considered explicitly when(More)
To evaluate the effectiveness of short-acting anesthetic drugs and techniques to achieve recovery room bypass criteria after minor surgery in a community hospital environment. Methods: After agreement by a multidisciplinary committee, a pilot project was undertaken to assess the usefulness of ultra-short acting anesthetic drugs and pre-emptive analgesia to(More)
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