Peter G Chambers

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Unique chemical methodology enables the synthesis of innovative and diverse scaffolds and chemotypes and allows access to previously unexplored "chemical space." Compound collections based on such new synthetic methods can provide small-molecule probes of proteins and/or pathways whose functions are not fully understood. We describe the identification,(More)
We determined the distribution coefficients of solutes between a polymer film phase (polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with 67% (w/w) dioctyl sebacate (DOS)) and an aqueous phase in a 96-well format. The parallel measurement approach is efficient and uses very little material. Polymer-water distribution coefficients (D(pw)) at different pH values yield the pKa and(More)
A fluorous-linker-assisted solution-phase protocol has been developed and applied to parallel synthesis of a piperazinedione-fused tricyclic compound library. The one-pot [3 + 2] cycloaddition of fluorous amino esters, aldehydes, and maleimides afforded bicyclic proline derivatives. The intermediates were subjected to N-acylation with chloroacetyl chloride,(More)
Amino acid-derived cross-conjugated trienes were used as a starting point for the synthesis of a discovery library of over 200 polycyclic 5-iminooxazolidin-2-ones, hydantoins, and acylureas. The main feature of this library synthesis is a triple branching strategy which provides efficient access to five skeletally diverse scaffolds. In addition, four sets(More)
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