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In this paper we outline a research program for computational linguistics, making extensive use of text corpora. We demonstrate how a semantic framework for lexical knowledge can suggest richer relationships among words in text beyond that of simple co-occurrence. The work suggests how linguistic phenomena such as metonymy and polysemy might be exploitable(More)
We present a new linguistic approach to the construction of terminological feedback for use in interactive query refinement. The method exploits the tendency for key domain concepts within result sets to participate in families of semantically related lexical compounds. We outline an algorithm for computing a ranked list of result set " themes " and(More)
A high-level language lor the description of inflectional morphology is presented, in which the organization of word lormation rules into an ii~herilance hierarchy of paradigms allows lora natural encoding of the kinds of nfles typically pre~uted in grammar txroks. We show how tim language, composed of orthographic rides, word formation rules, and paradigm(More)
This paper explores exploiting the synergy between document clustering and phrasal analysis for the purpose of automatically constructing a corrrex~-busedretrieval system. A contex~ consists of two components-a cluster of logically related articles (its exrension) and a small set of salient concepts, represented by words and phrases and organized by the(More)
This paper describes the design of a direct manipulation user interface for Boolean information retrieval. Intended to overcome the difficulties of manipulating explicit Boolean queries as well as the “black box” drawbacks of so-called natural language query systems, the interface presents a two-dimensional graphical representation of a user's(More)
The inevitable proliferation of expert systems underscores the need for robust, friendly interfaces requiring minimal user training. The objective of the XCALIBUR project is to meet this need by providing natural comprehension and generation in the context of a focused mixed-initiative dialog. The XCALIBUR architecture is discussed, including its three(More)
Them has been much research in full-text information retrieval on automated and semi-automated methods of query expansion to improve the effectiveness of user queries. In this paper we consider the challenges of tuning an IR system to the domain of computer troubleshooting, where user queries tend to be very short and natural language query terms m(More)