Peter French

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AIM This paper adopts an epistemological perspective in order to support the assertion that there is very little evidence to support the existence of evidence-based nursing as a distinct construct or process. RATIONALE This analysis of concept meaning is based on the theory of symbolic interactionism. By adopting this theory the commonalities and(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY To test the effects of music intervention on pre-operative anxiety in Chinese males undergoing transurethral resection of the prostate. RATIONALE No studies have measured the effects of music intervention in reducing pre-operative anxiety for patients with transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). Previous studies have examined the(More)
This paper argues that the current conception of evidence-based medicine has its limitations in the promotion of research which effects the quality of service in any health care system. It also poses something of a difficulty for the development of evidence-based nursing in particular. This paper advocates the more broad based concept of evidence-based(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Norton score in predicting the likely occurrence of pressure sores compared to the Waterlow scale in Hong Kong. Two elderly care wards (one male and one female) were chosen, the sample size was 185 and the mean age of subjects was 80.4. Each newly admitted patient was assessed using both the Norton(More)
This article reviews a study of pain management and its barriers in Hong Kong. Using an interview technique, several measures were used to understand the level of concern in patients about pain, the patients' hesitancy in reporting pain, use of analgesics, and adequacy of medication for pain. A total of nine barriers were identified, which include(More)
The major concern of this study was the quality of education in the practice setting in Hong Kong. Its purposes were to gain an understanding of how local Hong Kong student nurses perceive their practice experience, and to examine the quality of student nurses' practice experience in the light of an educational paradigm. A broad qualitative approach derived(More)
It is well known that many patient-oriented tasks contribute to occupational back pain in nurses and this is borne out by previous studies. In order to know whether the incidence of back pain and the contributing factors are the same in Hong Kong, a descriptive study was adopted to investigate the situation locally. This study explored the prevalence and(More)
The results of the first international survey on forensic speaker comparison practices are presented in this paper. Thirty-four experts from 13 countries and 5 continents responded to a series of questions concerning their practices in casework and which features they found to be useful speaker discriminants. Despite the responses revealing some prominent(More)
This study began following an observation that fluid balance (FB) charts seemed to be overloading medical records in Hong Kong hospitals. The major issues for this study were the efficiency and appropriateness of FB charting. The study design included an analysis of 250 medical records and an opinion survey. Seventy-five doctors and 98 nurses participated(More)
Supplemental oxygen under the drapes in high concentrations can lead to fires in ophthalmic theaters. This study attempted to eliminate the fire risk while maintaining the required therapeutic effect. The sample consisted of 201 patients undergoing ophthalmic surgery, with 104 subjects in the control group and 97 in the experimental group. A(More)