Peter Francis

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During a three-day workshop in February 2012, 45 Information Retrieval researchers met to discuss long-range challenges and opportunities within the field. The result of the workshop is a diverse set of research directions, project ideas, and challenge areas. This report describes the workshop format, provides summaries of broad themes that emerged,(More)
BACKGROUND A recent meta-analysis found that generalized joint hypermobility is a risk factor for knee injuries during contact sports. The effect of hypermobility on the incidence of injuries in elite-level professional soccer players is not known. PURPOSE To compare the incidence of injury between hypermobile and nonhypermobile elite-level male(More)
The age-related decline in functional capability is preceded by a reduction in muscle quality. The purpose of this study was to assess the combined effects of progressive resistance training (PRT) and protein supplementation beyond habitual intakes on upper leg lean tissue mass (LTM), muscle quality and functional capability in healthy 50–70 years women. In(More)
The European Conference on Information Retrieval Research (ECIR) was initially established by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the British Computer Society (BCS-IRSG) under the name " Annual Colloquium on Information Retrieval Research " , and always held in the United Kingdom until 1997. Since 1998 the location of the Colloquium has alternated(More)
This paper describes a detailed investigation into the use of Machine Translation techniques for query translation in English-Japanese Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR). Experimental results are reported for the standard BMIR-J2 Japanese text retrieval collection extended to a CLIR task. Results indicate that retrieval performance increases as(More)
BACKGROUND A recent study demonstrated joint hypermobility increased the incidence of injury in an elite football team utilising a univariate statistical model. OBJECTIVES To compare injury incidence between hypermobile and non-hypermobile elite football players incorporating a multi-site design and multivariate inferential statistics. METHODS 80(More)
This presentation will report the activities of the CLEF 2005 evaluation campaign. CLEF 2005 consisted of 8 tracks focusing on topics in multilingual information retrieval. An assessment of the results will be given with particular focus on two important tracks: multilingual ad-hoc retrieval and cross-language search in image collections. The multilingual(More)
The linguistic features of material in Cultural Heritage (CH) archives may be in various languages requiring a facility for effective multilingual search. The specialised language often associated with CH content introduces problems for automatic translation to support search applications. The MultiMatch project is focused on enabling users to interact with(More)
This study discusses the findings of an evaluation study on the performance of a multimedia multimodal information access sub-system (MIAS), incorporating automatic speech recognition technology (ASR) to automatically transcribe the speech content of video soundtracks. The study’s results indicate that an information-rich but minimalist graphical interface(More)