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Using self-resonant coils in a strongly coupled regime, we experimentally demonstrated efficient nonradiative power transfer over distances up to 8 times the radius of the coils. We were able to transfer 60 watts with approximately 40% efficiency over distances in excess of 2 meters. We present a quantitative model describing the power transfer, which(More)
OBJECTIVES Doubt over the cost-effectiveness of the cholinesterase inhibitors in dementia has renewed interest in alternative treatments such as Ginkgo biloba. We aimed to determine the effectiveness and the safety profile of Ginkgo biloba for treating early stage dementia in a community setting. METHODS We conducted a community-based, pragmatic,(More)
The sorites paradox is ranked among the top ve paradoxes of philosophy (Sainsbury, Paradoxes, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1995). It is simply stated as ‘what is a heap’. Deriving from the paradox is a de nition of vagueness, which is contrary to the Boolean concept of the world implicit in much geographical teaching and thought, and the(More)
In this study, a segmentation procedure is proposed based on grey-level and multivariate texture to extract spatial objects from an image scene. Object uncertainty was quantified to identify transitions zones of objects with indeterminate boundaries. The Local Binary Pattern 2 (LBP) operator, modeling texture, was integrated into a hierarchical splitting(More)
BACKGROUND The 'Hawthorne Effect' may be an important factor affecting the generalisability of clinical research to routine practice, but has been little studied. Hawthorne Effects have been reported in previous clinical trials in dementia but to our knowledge, no attempt has been made to quantify them. Our aim was to compare minimal follow-up to intensive(More)
Congenital heart disease is the most common form of human birth defects, yet much remains to be learned about its underlying causes. Here we report that mice lacking functional ADAM19 (mnemonic for a disintegrin and metalloprotease 19) exhibit severe defects in cardiac morphogenesis, including a ventricular septal defect (VSD), abnormal formation of the(More)
This article reflects on the past 30 years of academic research in the field of spatial data quality and tries to identify the main achievements, failures, and opportunities for future research. Most of this reflection results from a panel discussion that took place during the Sixth International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality (ISSDQ) in July 2009.
mens. Several treatments were required for each tumour, and injecting alcohol was often associated with considerable pain, whereas our patients did not report pain. These reports did not mention changes seen on ultrasound scans during or immediately after injection, which we found useful in laser treatment. The most important advantage of the laser is its(More)
BACKGROUND Helminth therapy is advocated to restore and maintain control of inflammatory responses, particularly chronic colitis. However, helminths can induce chronic colitis in susceptible individuals. Susceptibility has an immunogenetic basis: defining this is essential if nematode therapy is to be successfully and safely targeted in inflammatory bowel(More)