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61 F orward-thinking companies have come to realize that e-commerce is neither just a buy-side nor sell-side packaged application. They have learned that mission-critical business opportunities abound and they must implement many e-commerce initiatives along the way to building the virtual corporation that thrives in the Digital Economy. To them, e-commerce(More)
There is much talk today about a business process management (BPM) rEvolution. The revolutionary part is about a new category of software known as the business process management system (BPMS). The evolutionary part is about using the BPMS to exploit existing business and technology assets in a way that creates new value. Along with any revolution comes(More)
For years, " improving business processes " has been and is the primary business priority of IT. In business process management (BPM), common criteria to evaluate the improvement of a process are time, costs, customer satisfaction and output quality. In contrast, the management of companies focuses on increasing the company's value, using a value-based(More)
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