Peter Fairbrother

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BACKGROUND Continuity of care is widely regarded as an important marker of quality in the management of patients with long-term conditions. New services that integrate telemonitoring into care pathways have potential to change aspects of continuity in both positive and negative ways. AIMS A telemonitoring service for patients with chronic obstructive(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To understand the views of patients and professionals on the acceptability and perceived usefulness of telemonitoring in the management of chronic heart failure in the context of day-to-day care provision. BACKGROUND There is an increasing interest in the potential for telemonitoring to support the home-based management of patients(More)
Golle et al recently introduced universal re-encryption, defining it as re-encryption by a player who does not know the key used for the original encryption, but which still allows an intended player to recover the plaintext. Universal re-encryption is potentially useful as part of many information-hiding techniques, as it allows any player to make(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore patient and professional views on self-management in the context of telemonitoring in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). METHODS Semi-structured interviews with patients with COPD and healthcare professionals participating in a randomized controlled trial of telemonitoring in Lothian, Scotland, explored experiences of using(More)
Barred galaxias, Galaxias fuscus, is an endangered freshwater fish confined to headwaters of mountain streams in the Goulburn River system in central Victoria, Australia. Next generation DNA sequencing was used to develop a suite of microsatellite markers that can be used for future population genetic assessments of G. fuscus. A total of 24 polymorphic loci(More)
A hypothesis that volatile anaesthetic agents, represented by enflurane, facilitate transplacental exchange was tested by simultaneous blood sampling of both mother and fetus. A trend towards improved fetal scalp blood gas status and maternal-to-fetal acid-base matching was observed with enflurane. Our results encourage further research into the feasibility(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the experiences of patients and professionals taking part in a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of blood glucose, blood pressure (BP) and weight telemonitoring in type 2 diabetes supported by primary care, and identify factors facilitating or hindering the effectiveness of the intervention and those likely to influence its potential(More)
BACKGROUND To date, patient involvement in the development of clinical research work has been limited. In 2011, the Telescot research team commenced work on a feasibility trial to investigate home telemonitoring of blood pressure for people who have experienced stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA). The team decided to involve patients in the(More)
BACKGROUND Good blood pressure (BP) control reduces the risk of recurrence of stroke/transient ischaemic attack (TIA). Although there is strong evidence that BP telemonitoring helps achieve good control, none of the major trials have considered the effectiveness in stroke/TIA survivors. We therefore conducted a feasibility study for a trial of BP(More)