Peter F Seligman

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The release of biocides, such as copper (Cu), from antifouling (AF) coatings on vessel hulls represents a significant proportion of overall Cu loading in those harbors and estuaries where substantial numbers of small craft or large vessels are berthed. Copper release rates were measured on several self-polishing, tin-free coatings and an ablative Cu(More)
A new intravenous (i.v.) iron compound, sodium ferric gluconate complex in sucrose (Ferrlecit, R&D Laboratories, Inc, Marina Del Rey, CA), was administered over 8 consecutive dialysis days in equally divided doses to a total of either 0.5 or 1.0 g in a controlled, open, multicenter, randomized clinical study of anemic, iron-deficient hemodialysis patients(More)
The Cochlear implant or 'Bionic ear' is a device that enables people who do not get sufficient benefit from a hearing aid to communicate with the hearing world. The Cochlear implant is not an amplifier, but a device that electrically stimulates the auditory nerve in a way that crudely mimics normal hearing, thus providing a hearing percept. Many recipients(More)
Wireless power and data transfer to medical implants is a research area where improvements in current state-of-the-art technologies are needed owing to the continuing efforts for miniaturization. At present, lithographical patterning of evaporated metals is widely used for miniature coil fabrication. This method produces coils that are limited to low micron(More)
Influenza B virus has been aetiologically linked to Reye Syndrome (RS), but the mechanism(s) by which this pathogen could disrupt liver metabolism and produce the hepatic mitochondrial injury characteristic of the syndrome are unknown. In this study, two mechanisms by which infection of hepatocytes with influenza B virus could disrupt cellular metabolism(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The editors gratefully thank all the participants for their contributions in making this an informative and productive workshop. Appreciation is extended to Pat Early and Aldis Valkirs who provided meeting support and background material and to Chip Johnson and Ignacio Rivera–Duarte for editing support and information on copper loading. We(More)
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