Peter F. Schwarz

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The different forms of superficial and systemic candidiasis are often associated with biofilm formation on surfaces of host tissues or medical devices. The biofilm formation of Candida spp., in general, necessitates significantly increased amounts of antifungal agents for therapy. Often the therapeutic effect is doubtful. A 5-day biofilm model with oral(More)
A considerably arduous test of a novel class of composite materials consisting of [Ru(bpy)3]2+ and TiO2 codoped zeolites Y is presented here. The [Ru(bpy)3]2+ and TiO2 codoped zeolites Y served as photocatalysts in the oxidation of the model compounds 2,4-dimethylaniline (2,4-xylidine) by H2O2 in an acidic aqueous medium. Zeolite-embedded TiO2(More)
The 13C/12C-isotope ratio is characteristic for vinegar of fermentation and synthetic origin respectively and used for their differentiation. The acetic acid was isolated from the vinegar as calcium acetate, the calcium acetate was pyrolysed to CaCO3 and the CO2 was released from the CaCO3 with H3PO4. The CO2 was measured in a mass spectrometer with double(More)
The generation of hydroxyl (•OH) radicals produced by irradiation of aqueous TiO2 suspensions was investigated by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and product analysis employing a stable free nitroxide radical (3-carboxyproxyl) as a spin trap of •OH. Product analysis demonstrated that the attack of •OH on 3-carboxyproxyl produces a diamagnetic product(More)
Granulomatous lesions similar to those of pulmonary histiocytosis in rats developed spontaneously in the lungs of captive tree shrews. Incidence peaked in 3-year-old tree shrews. Sex dependency was not observed, and development of the granulomas was unrelated to experimental procedures because the lesions were observed in animals from the breeding stock as(More)
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