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Tetanus can occur even after minor injuries, and proper immunisation status must be ascertained and documented in every surgical patient. Failure to do so can have dramatic consequences. An 11-year-old non-immunised girl was admitted to the intensive care unit with severe generalised tetanus 8 days following an open fracture of the right forearm. Although(More)
Increasing regenerative power sources installed in low voltage grids tend to cause overvoltage problems due to the reverse power flow direction. Consequently, regenerative sources need to be turned off temporarily or on the long term, the grid infrastrucutre would have to be extended by the utility company. Additionally, the increasing number of grid(More)
BACKGROUND Inter-professional teamwork is key for patient safety and team training is an effective strategy to improve patient outcome. In-situ simulation is a relatively new strategy with emerging efficacy, but best practices for the design, delivery and implementation have yet to be evaluated. Our aim is to describe and evaluate the implementation of an(More)
The proportion of renewable energies in power generation has increased according to the political aims in recent years. In low-voltage grids, these are mostly decentralized renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic (PV) that are connected through inverters to the grid. The temporary reversal of the power flow causes overvoltage problems. Consequently,(More)
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