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We present a nonparametric regression method for denoising 3-D image sequences acquired via fluorescence microscopy. The proposed method exploits the redundancy of the 3-D+time information to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of images corrupted by Poisson-Gaussian noise. A variance stabilization transform is first applied to the image-data to remove the(More)
We show that in the large matrix limit, the eigenvalues of the normal matrix model for matrices with spectrum inside a compact domain with a special class of potentials homogeneously fill the interior of a polynomial curve uniquely defined by the area of its interior domain and its exterior harmonic moments which are all given as parameters of the(More)
The literature on reconstruction formulas for photoacoustic tomography (PAT) is vast. The various reconstruction formulas differ by used measurement devices and geometry on which the data are sampled. In standard photoacoustic imaging (PAI), the object under investigation is illuminated uniformly. Recently, sectional photoacoustic imaging techniques, using(More)
To effectively use photoacoustic tomography to obtain cross-sectional images, a combination of a focused laser illumination and focusing acoustic detectors is used. In this work, we discuss how to incorporate cylindrically shaped focusing detectors in the mathematical modelling of photoacoustics and derive approximative reconstruction formulas. Moreover, we(More)
In recent years, a series of convergence rates conditions for regularization methods has been developed. Mainly, the motivations for developing novel conditions came from the desire to carry over convergence rates results from the Hilbert space setting to generalized Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces. For instance, variational source conditions have(More)