Peter Eichhorn

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BACKGROUND 80-100% of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) display a polyspecific, intrathecal humoral immune response against a broad panel of viral agents including antibodies to measles, rubella and varicella zoster virus as its three most abundant components (called MRZ reaction [MRZR]). However, a positive MRZR reaction can also be found in some(More)
Testing for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-restricted oligoclonal bands (OCB) by isoelectric focusing is used to detect intrathecally produced total IgG. By contrast, antibody indices (AI) are assessed to test for intrathecally produced antigen-specific IgG. A number of previous cases reports have suggested that AI testing might be more sensitive than OCB(More)
The key factors governing the absorption of drugs from the lungs are deposition pattern, dissolution rate, solubility and permeability. Whereas the thin epithelium in the respiratory airways is generally considered to constitute a minor barrier in the overall absorption process, the other two components depend, among other parameters, on the formulation and(More)
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