Peter Eichhorn

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Aims: The aims were to test whether Parvibaculum lavamentivorans T degraded commercial linear alkylbenzene-sulphonate (LAS) surfactant via x-oxygenation and b-oxidation to sulphophenylcarboxylates (SPCs), whether the organism was widespread and reisolable, and whether the degradative community used the 4-sulphocatechol 1,2-dioxygenase to cleave the aromatic(More)
Commercial linear alkylbenzenesulfonate (LAS) contains 20 congeners of linear alkanes (C(10) to C(13)) substituted subterminally with the 4-sulfophenyl moiety in any position from lateral to central. Parvibaculum lavamentivorans DS-1(T) degrades each of eight laterally substituted congeners [e.g., 2-(4-sulfophenyl)decane (2-C10-LAS); herein, compounds are(More)
The key factors governing the absorption of drugs from the lungs are deposition pattern, dissolution rate, solubility and permeability. Whereas the thin epithelium in the respiratory airways is generally considered to constitute a minor barrier in the overall absorption process, the other two components depend, among other parameters, on the formulation and(More)
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