Peter Egner

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Wired LANs soared to the gigabit level some years ago, and terabit networks are in place for wide area networking. However , in terms of data rate, wireless short-range networks tend to lag one generation behind wired LANs. The recent second generation of wireless short-range networks offers transmission rates of up to 54 Mb/s. The third wireless LAN(More)
pumoSe: A side effect of leukemm treatment by bone marrow tmnsplantation can be the formation of posterior subcapsular catara~ (PSC). Total bcdy im&tion (TBI) More transplantation and lugh dose steroid therapy for severe graft-versus-host-disease (GvHD) are known to be imp&ant factors in formation of PSC. The purpose of this longitudinal study was the early(More)
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