Peter Egil Nielsen

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It is proposed that the primordial genetic material could have been peptide nucleic aicds,i.e., DNA analogues having a peptide backbone. PNA momomers based on the amino acid, α, γ-diaminobutyric acid or ornithine are suggested as compounds that could have been formed in the prebiotic soup. Finally, the possibility of a PNA/RNA world is presented, in which(More)
Described here are the electrochemical parameters for MB on binding to DNA at hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE), glassy carbon electrode (GCE), and carbon paste electrode (CPE) in the solution and at the electrode surface. MB, which interacts with the immobilized calf thymus DNA, was detected by using single-stranded DNA-modified HMDE or CPE(More)
Template-directed replication is known to obey a parabolic growth law due to product inhibition (Sievers & Von Kiedrowski 1994 Nature 369, 221; Lee et al. 1996 Nature 382, 525; Varga & Szathmáry 1997 Bull. Math. Biol. 59, 1145). We investigate a template-directed replication with a coupled template catalysed lipid aggregate production as a model of a(More)
Recent successes in effectively delivering new siRNA antisense agents systemically to produce therapeutic outcomes in mice have been extremely impressive, but how close are we to developing a general approach for systemic delivery in humans? Have we finally cleared the daunting hurdle that systemic delivery presents? Various setbacks have dogged the(More)
Prebiotic syntheses of potentially chiral monomers always yield racemic mixtures. Living systems, however, utilize L-aminoacids and D-nucleotides in their biopolymers. The generation of optical asymmetry by selection and amplification in an autocatalytic process is, therefore, an important element in many theories of the origin of life (Ponnamperuma and(More)
We have studied the effects of Na+ (5–120 mM) and Mg2+ (0–6 mM) on the internal and overall flexibility of polynucleosome fragments from nucleasesolubilized chromatin from Ehrlich ascites cells. The mobility was monitored by the steady-state fluorescence polarization of the intercalated ethidium cation. The internal polynucleosome flexibility decreases(More)