Peter Eddy

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The abundance mapping of rangeland plant communities using hyperspectral remote sensing data is investigated. The cover fraction of five rangeland components (green grass, yellow grass, litter, shrubs and soil) was estimated using constrained Spectral Mixture Analysis (SMA). Three sets of endmembers were assessed. The first set labeled the laboratory(More)
The Land Monitor Project is providing information over the southwest agricultural region of WA. It is assembling and processing sequences of Landsat TM data, a new high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) and other spatial data to provide monitoring information on the area of salt-affected land, and on changes in the area and status of perennial(More)
Peacock is a 3-D conformal treatment planning and delivery system for conformal radiation therapy which delivers intensity-modulated fields. A group of 13 patients were treated between March and February, 1995. Patient age ranged from 10 to 74. Six of the patients had previously received radiation therapy. Target volume was from 2.5 to 70 cm3: all(More)
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