Peter E Seymour

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Nitrogen-fixing nurse crops and cocrops of plant species nodulated byFrankia andRhizobium have been used to promote the growth of black walnut trees. Although walnut is known to inhibit the growth of certain associated plants due to its allelopathic derivative juglone (5-hydroxy-1,4-napthoquinone), juglone inhibition of symbiotic, nitrogen-fixing soil(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the successful surgical treatment of 5 cases of superior semicircular canal dehiscence via a transmastoid middle fossa craniotomy using a soft tissue graft. DESIGN Case report. SETTING Private practice otologic referral center. RESULTS All patients have experienced reduction in auditory and vestibular symptoms. Pulsatile tinnitus(More)
OBJECTIVE To relate our initial experience using an acellular, soft tissue matrix derived from porcine small intestinal submucosa (Surgisis; Cook Biotech Inc, West Lafayette, Indiana) for lip augmentation. DESIGN A prospective, uncontrolled case series examining the results of lip augmentation using Surgisis in patients presenting to an academic(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association of otalgia and migraine. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective survey with evaluation of otalgia response to migraine treatment. Only patients with minimum symptom duration of 3 months, who accepted migraine treatment and had a minimum follow-up of 3 months, were included. SETTING Single neurotology practice. SUBJECTS All(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a prospective, controlled, blinded pilot study to demonstrate that repair of induced rabbit orbital floor fractures with Surgisis ES (Cook Biotech Inc, West Lafayette, Ind) provides adequate orbital content support while promoting mucosal and bone regeneration of the fracture site. MATERIAL/METHODS Ten New Zealand white rabbits(More)
In the current study, we attempted to determine normative inner ear volumetric measurements generated from three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) images. In addition, we investigated a correlation between the axial length and the volume of the labyrinth and discussed clinical outcomes of this correlation. Amira 5.2.2 software was used to create(More)
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