Peter E. Perkins

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It seemed almost inevitable that there would be a secondary care backlash towards GPs being 'let loose' with a scalpel ('Primary excision of cutaneous melanoma'). Any GP practising regular minor surgery sessions over many years will surely unwittingly excise the very occasional malignant skin lesion. I have no doubt that dermatologists occasionally(More)
  • P Perkins
  • 1990
All general ophthalmic services forms (GOS18) received by one practice over an 18 month period were analysed and the patient outcome after two years noted from the practice records. Sixty one forms were collected. Fifty patients (82%) were referred by the general practitioners to the local eye hospital. Among the 45 patients that have so far been seen by an(More)
INTRODUCTION The ubiquitous electric fence is essential to modern agriculture and has saved lives by reducing the number of livestock automobile collisions. Modern safety standards such as IEC 60335-2-76 and UL 69 have played a role in this positive result. However, these standards are essentially based on energy and power (RMS current), which have limited(More)