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PURPOSE To investigate pulpal injury by measuring odontoblast numbers, and pulp dentin repair activity by measuring reactionary dentin area, in relation to the remaining dentin thickness (RDT) of cavity preparations in 217 human teeth. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cavities were restored with adhesive bonded composite, resin-modified glass-ionomer cement, zinc(More)
Millions of teeth are saved each year by root canal therapy. Although current treatment modalities offer high levels of success for many conditions, an ideal form of therapy might consist of regenerative approaches in which diseased or necrotic pulp tissues are removed and replaced with healthy pulp tissue to revitalize teeth. Researchers are working toward(More)
Every year, despite the effectiveness of preventive dentistry and dental health care, 290 million fillings are placed each year in the United States; two-thirds of these involve the replacement of failed restorations. Improvements in the success of restorative treatments may be possible if caries management strategies, selection of restorative materials,(More)
The projected annual demand for stem cell-based dental treatments in the United States can range from over 290 million tooth restorative treatments to 30,000 patients requiring tissue regeneration following craniofacial cancer surgery. Professional dental treatments cost Americans over $60 billion per year. Scientific advances in stem cell technologies,(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to measure the oral health and hygiene status among 265 South Florida nursing home residents aged between 45 and 98 years. METHODS The oral health and hygiene status of the residents were assessed by noting the presence of calculus, caries, gingivitis, cheilitis, apthous ulcer, dry mouth and red or white lesions.(More)
The purpose of this study was to measure cell survival and degradation within tissue-engineered dental constructs. Dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) and periodontal ligament stem cells (PLSCs) were seeded on three types of tissue engineering scaffolds: a synthetic open-cell D,D-L,L-polylactic acid (polymer) scaffold, a bovine collagen scaffold (collagen), and(More)
The angiogenic growth factor thymidine phosphorylase/PD-ECGF has been identified as a potential target in the development of anti-cancer drugs. This review firstly discusses the biological rôle of TP/PD-ECGF and its importance in the activation of 5-fluorouracil and its prodrugs. The chemistry and chemotherapeutic potential of TP/PD-ECGF inhibitors are also(More)
Introduction This phase I, multicenter, open-label, single-arm, dose-escalation study evaluated the safety, pharmacokinetics and antitumor activity of APTO-253, an inducer of the transcription factor KLF4, in adults with advanced solid tumors. Methods APTO-253 was administered IV on days 1 and 2, and 15 and 16 of each 28 day cycle; the dose were escalated(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate pulpal responses to the use of four resin composite materials as direct pulp capping agents. The importance and effects of individual pulp capping variables are not well understood; consequently histomorphometric analysis was used to analyze these variables. METHOD AND MATERIALS Two hundred fifty(More)
OBJECTIVE The number of older patients requiring restorative treatment are likely to increase due to improvements in oral health and increased longevity. However, aging odontometric data are lacking. The aim of this study was to determine possible changes in pulp cell density, pulp area, and dentinal thickness with age. STUDY DESIGN Incisors (50), canines(More)