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Millions of teeth are saved each year by root canal therapy. Although current treatment modalities offer high levels of success for many conditions, an ideal form of therapy might consist of regenerative approaches in which diseased or necrotic pulp tissues are removed and replaced with healthy pulp tissue to revitalize teeth. Researchers are working toward(More)
Committed to assisting research and academic libraries in the continuous improvement of management systems, OLMS has worked since 1970 to gather and disseminate the best practices for library needs. As part of its committment, OLMS maintains an active publications program best known for its SPEC Kits. Through the OLMS Collaborative Research/Writing Program,(More)
The dramatic growth and impact of tooth whitening worldwide has raised patients' awareness of the appearance of their smile. The introduction of whitening strips in 2000 played an appreciable role, expanding access to an increasingly broad population. Some seven years later, these strips remain one of the most popular options for initial sthetic dentistry.(More)
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