Peter E. Mayor

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The objective was to retrospectively record the CT and MRI features and healing patterns of acute, incomplete stress fractures of the pars interarticularis. The CT scans of 156 adolescents referred with suspected pars interarticularis stress fractures were reviewed. Patients with incomplete (grade 2) pars fractures were included in the study. Fractures were(More)
The survival of patients with prostate cancer and radiologically detectable lymph node enlargement has been studied prospectively over an 8-year period. Computed tomography in 108 patients presenting with symptoms, signs or biochemical results suggesting lymphatic spread revealed pelvic or abdominal node masses in 60 patients; in 29 (48%), the masses(More)
In a series of 51 patients with prostate cancer and obstructive uropathy, unilateral or bilateral obstruction was identified in 22 (43%) and 29 (57%) respectively. This included a non-functioning kidney in 12 patients. In 86% of patients the T category was advanced. Bone metastases were present in 36 cases (71%); 19 patients (37%) had chronic retention. All(More)
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