Peter E. Maher

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This article introduces a mechanism to compare two conceptual graphs and produce a similarity measure, reflecting incomplete, imprecise, or inconsistent information. It is then shown that conceptual graphs, in conjunction with the similarity measure, can be effectively used to define concepts by means of a series of examples. The descriptions of these(More)
Agile software methodologies are quickly becoming widely used in a variety of industry projects; their flexibility provides the means to address many common problems faced in the development of software systems. Companies commonly use selected agile techniques such as unit testing, pair programming, and iterative development even if a complete methodology(More)
We report on efforts to communicate and ensure a consistent curriculum in a distributed university setting for a school of business and technology. The school's programs and courses are delivered via 100+ physical campuses throughout the world. Many programs, including the largest, are also delivered via on-line distance learning. The paper examines issues(More)
One of the recurring problems in information technology (IT) is a gap between education and industry. The gap takes several forms including difficulty in technology transfer, aligning research with the needs of practitioners, and preparing students to make the most effective contribution upon entering industry. This paper will examine the gap between(More)
This paper reports on exploratory research to examine the adoption of agile methods by the software industry in Vietnam. Agile methods for designing and developing software have existed for over a decade. Yet there is limited research or data about the adoption of agile practices in industry. Much of the existing literature focuses predominantly on adoption(More)
The software industry in China continues to expand at a rapid rate, both in terms of research and development as well as the ever-increasing need for outsourcing. Even with these great demands China is able to produce a vast, highly-qualified pool of computer science graduates. The education system in China has clearly adjusted to the trends of the industry(More)
Our research focuses on an analysis of the perception and utilization of agile methods in Thailand and begins to examine the gap between education and industry in this field. To develop an understanding of how agile methods are incorporated into computer science curricula several leading Thai universities were visited. Further, detailed interviews were(More)