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During the decade 1970-9, 23 002 infants born in the University of Bristol Department of Obstetrics were examined for congenital dislocation of the hip by junior members of the paediatric staff on the first day of life and again on discharge from hospital. Suspected hip abnormality was checked by a senior member of the staff on the same day. A total of 445(More)
To better understand potential barriers to condom use and the sexual behaviour of women infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), an anonymous self-administered survey was performed on a convenience sample of 83 predominantly single HIV+ women. Most women had only one sexual partner who usually knew of the subject's serostatus. Only a minority of(More)
Data from the 1990 North Carolina Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) were used to examine adolescents' perceptions of relative weight and the relationship of these perceptions to physical activity levels, efforts to lose weight, and time spent viewing television. A total of 3,437 ninth and 12th grade respondents to the May 1990 survey were included in the(More)
  • P M Dunn
  • 2003
Galen was a brilliant anatomist and pioneer of experimental physiology. His many important discoveries exerted a profound influence on medicine during the next 1400 years. However, his wish to solve all the problems of health and disease led him to speculate and draw mistaken conclusions which were widely believed until after the Renaissance.