Peter Dungan

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The Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) provides a unique window onto the effects of a reciprocal trade agreement on an industrialized economy (Canada). For industries that experienced the deepest Canadian tariff cuts, employment fell by 12 percent and labour productivity rose by 15 percent as low-productivity plants contracted. For industries that(More)
In an infinite horizon stochastic model, a coup not only disciplines a dictator’s policy towards a group of “kingmakers” but also enables a kingmaker to become dictator. Greater competition for the dictator’s position, a lower impact of the dictator’s policy on the kingmakers, or lower risks of staging a coup raises the benefit of a coup relative to its(More)
The first phase of the conceptual modeling process is the acquisition of knowledge about the real world system. One issue in this phase is the need for clear communication, between the modeler, and experts on the system being examined. These domain experts may not be versed in modeling techniques or languages. Another issue is the potential benefit offered(More)
This paper by Peter Dungan, Tony Fang and Morley Gunderson, which was supported by grants from Metropolis and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, uses the FOCUS macroeconomic model of the University of Toronto to estimate the impact of a 100,000 per year increase in immigration over a ten-year period starting in 2012. The methodology relies(More)
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