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As predicted by Susskind the Web is becoming an important vehicle for marketing the legal practice and a tool enabling the delivery of legal services to clients. To what extent can law firms benefit from selling their services through this medium? Despite the growth of the Web, there is little research concerning the functionality and strategic business use(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explore whether the use of big data has the potential for application in the Higher Education (HE) sector in Oman in addressing part of their current challenges. Higher Education institutions in Oman are facing challenges relate to enhancing the learning experience, improving educator effectiveness, providing appropriate and(More)
Information technology (IT) is a powerful tool which can 'leverage' information and knowledge, the stocks-in-trade of the legal profession. However solicitors in Scotland have, in general, been slow to introduce IT for tasks beyond standard administrative functions such as word processing. For many firms Richard Susskind's IT-driven 'future of law' seems(More)
others) we investigate a novel line of research, i.e. to demonstrate that the regional oil and gas abundance is associated with high within-region inequality. We show empirically that hydrocarbons represent one of the leading determinants of an increased gap between rich and poor in the producing regions. We discuss a possible cluster of geographic,(More)
The analysis of behavior began with a form of data, rate of responding, which allowed for efficient study and for the description of the basic principles of behavior. Especially important were the facts that rate of responding was a direct reflection of fundamental properties of behavior, and that rate of responding was measured continuously within an(More)