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We introduce a simple data model and API tailored for serving the social graph, and TAO, an implementation of this model. TAO is a geographically distributed data store that provides efficient and timely access to the social graph for Facebook's demanding workload using a fixed set of queries. It is deployed at Facebook, replacing memcache for many data(More)
Over 800 million people around the world share their social interactions with friends on Facebook, providing a rich body of information referred to as the social graph. In this talk, I describe how we model and serve this graph. Our model uses typed nodes (fbobjects) and edges (associations) to express the relationships and actions that happen on Facebook.(More)
Note to reviewers: This document is an in-progress snapshot. All input will be much appreciated. Here is a summary of changes since version 0.8 (July 31, 2006): • (Principles P3 and P4 merged and now use §4.2 Option 4) In §4.2's options, both internal and external feedback is as follows: No support for either Option 1 or Option 2 (both are considered at(More)
A number of us (and others) have been working on the semantics of multithreaded programs in C++. We feel that many of the same issues apply to the C language, and that it is important to keep the solutions as similar as possible. Although we would like to concentrate our effort on one language at a time, we would like to be made aware of any C-specific(More)
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