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We introduce a simple data model and API tailored for serving the social graph, and TAO, an implementation of this model. TAO is a geographically distributed data store that provides efficient and timely access to the social graph for Facebook's demanding workload using a fixed set of queries. It is deployed at Facebook, replacing memcache for many data(More)
We report a 1 day old girl with a nasal mass that was diagnosed as an intranasal glioma. The tumor mass was noted to be localized laterally from, and based along, the inferior turbinate. Nasal glioma is a developmental abnormality of neurogenic origin with no malignant potential. An intranasal mass requires careful rhinological, neurological and(More)
Over 800 million people around the world share their social interactions with friends on Facebook, providing a rich body of information referred to as the social graph. In this talk, I describe how we model and serve this graph. Our model uses typed nodes (fbobjects) and edges (associations) to express the relationships and actions that happen on Facebook.(More)
Note to reviewers: This document is an in-progress snapshot. All input will be much appreciated. Here is a summary of changes since version 0.8 (July 31, 2006): • (Principles P3 and P4 merged and now use §4.2 Option 4) In §4.2's options, both internal and external feedback is as follows: No support for either Option 1 or Option 2 (both are considered at(More)
BACKGROUND To follow up populations exposed to several radiation accidents in the Southern Urals, a cause-of-death registry was established at the Urals Center capturing deaths in the Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Sverdlovsk region since 1950. OBJECTIVES When registering deaths over such a long time period, quality measures need to be in place to maintain(More)
A number of us (and others) have been working on the semantics of multithreaded programs in C++. We feel that many of the same issues apply to the C language, and that it is important to keep the solutions as similar as possible. Although we would like to concentrate our effort on one language at a time, we would like to be made aware of any C-specific(More)
The design of a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program (UNHSP) depends on many factors unique to each hospital. The goal of any UNHSP is to perform a valid hearing screening on all newborn infants prior to hospital discharge. Ultimately hearing screening of all infants should decrease the age at which intervention is initiated in these who require it.(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of aggressive surgery concerning resection of liver metastases (LMs) from colorectal cancer (CRC) on morbidity, mortality and survival rates and to establish the benefits of multimodal strategies in increasing the resectability rates of LMs. PATIENTS AND METHODS From January 2004 - April 2006 184(More)