Peter Dietrich

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BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to investigate risk factors associated with persistent or recurrent upper extremity and neck pain among engineering graduate students. METHODS A random sample of 206 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) graduate students at a large public university completed an online questionnaire. RESULTS(More)
Detailed knowledge of the subsurface is a prerequisite for the planning of effective site remediation. Conventional investigation of contaminated sites is based mainly on observations from wells. However, practical limitations on the number of wells mean that characterization of the subsurface based on borehole data alone leads to uncertainties in(More)
The desire to obtain a better understanding of ecosystems and process dynamics in nature accentuates the need for observing these processes in higher temporal and spatial resolutions. Linked to this, the measurement of changes in the external structure and phytomorphology of plants is of particular interest. In the fields of environmental research and(More)
This paper uses an experimental design to assess the effectiveness of calls on cooperation in managing the shortage of a vital commodity through non-price mechanisms. Using the large unexpected shortage of flu-vaccines in the Fall 2004, we observed the responses of the members of a campus population to two distinct randomized treatments: providing(More)
Polyisobutylene (PIB) is a synthetic elastomer that is a component of sealants, adhesives, and chewing gum base. We report a case of bilateral PIB urolithiasis in a patient with an ileal conduit urinary diversion due to neurogenic bladder from spinal cord injury. Infrared spectroscopy confirmed the composition of bilateral stones and adhesive from the(More)
For mapping, quantifying and monitoring regional and global forest health, satellite remote sensing provides fundamental data for the observation of spatial and temporal forest patterns and processes. While new remote-sensing technologies are able to detect forest data in high quality and large quantity, operational applications are still limited by(More)
RETZINA is a new interdisciplinary research project that addresses the implementation and verification of innovative integral plume assessment methods for natural attenuation. For this purpose, a reference test site has been established in Zeitz, East Germany. The goal of the project is to establish general, comprehensive assessment rules for natural(More)