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Creative License: The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling
How did the Depression-era folk-song collector Alan Lomax end up with a songwriting credit on Jay-Z’s song “Takeover”? Why doesn’t Clyde Stubblefield, the primary drummer on James Brown recordings
Money from Music: Survey Evidence on Musicians’ Revenue and Lessons About Copyright Incentives
This article is based on an original survey of over 5,000 musicians nationwide. The survey results demonstrate the diversity of the population of musicians, in terms of genre, income bracket,
How to build a more open justice system
A growing body of empirical legal research demonstrates that systematic analyses of court records could improve legal practice and the administration of justice, and it is believed that even the skeptics will be receptive to quantitative feedback.
Licensing in the Shadow of Copyright
Copyright offers protection to creative works, but new technologies put pressure on that protection. Copyright owners and technology firms negotiate over new ways of distributing and transmitting