Peter D. Perri

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Alterations of the distal portion of the short arm of chromosome 1 (1p) are among the earliest abnormalities of human colorectal tumors. Loss of heterozygosity analysis has previously revealed a smallest region of overlapping deletion (SRO) B, at 1p35-36.1, deleted in 48% of sporadic tumors. From this region we have now cloned a gene encoding a protein of(More)
In the present study we establish a FISH fine-map of 1p36.3 loci. This region is frequently altered in different types of human tumors suggesting the existence of cancer-related genes. Identification of cosmids carrying both D1S468 and TP73 sequences leads to the assignment of TP73 to the most frequently deleted locus in colon and breast cancer and(More)
Mitochondria are dynamic organelles which are required for maintaining cellular homeostasis. Thus, it is not surprising that irregularities in mitochondrial function result in cellular damage and are linked with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease. Evidence that mitochondrial dysfunction is key to the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease(More)
We report a case of a 5-month-old female with sporadic monolateral retinoblastoma (RB) with a constitutional de novo complex autosomal translocation involving chromosomes 8, 13 and 15 resulting in a deletion of chromosome 13q14 confirmed by esterase D assay. The translocation of the terminal portion of chromosome 8 has been observed by in situ hybridization(More)
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