Peter D. Mazonson

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OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of the Arthritis Self-Management Program 4 years after participation in it. METHODS Valid self-administered instruments were used to measure health status, psychological states, and health service utilization. RESULTS Pain had declined a mean of 20% and visits to physicians 40%, while physical disability had increased(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a prospective trial randomizing 75 physicians to either a control or intervention arm to evaluate the impact of providing patient-reported information on anxiety and other mental health symptoms and disorders to primary care physicians. METHODS Five hundred seventy-three patients of the study physicians who met entry criteria were(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine the cost-effectiveness of initiating and monitoring highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in developing countries according to developing world versus developed world guidelines. DESIGN Lifetime Markov model incorporating costs, quality of life, survival, and transmission to sexual contacts. METHODS We evaluated treating(More)
OBJECTIVES Implicit in the modern concept of patient outcome assessment is a shift from primary reliance on clinical indicators to a broader definition that includes physical, psychological, and social well-being. This is especially true of prostate cancer, where treatment can profoundly alter patient well-being. We have initiated a longitudinal(More)
BACKGROUND Untreated anxiety may be particularly difficult for primary care physicians to recognize and diagnose because there are no reliable demographic or medical profiles for patients with this condition and because these patients present with a high rate of comorbid psychological conditions that complicate selection of treatment. METHOD A prospective(More)
CONTEXT In recent years, new commercial aircraft have been designed to recirculate approximately 50% of the cabin air to increase fuel efficiency. Some older aircraft use only fresh air. Whether air recirculation increases the transmission of infectious disease is unknown; some studies have demonstrated higher rates of the common cold among persons working(More)
Several recent advances in wound care may offer promise for the treatment of hard-to-heal venous leg ulcers. One such treatment is Apligraf (Graftskin), a bilayered, living human skin construct. To assess the economic impact of Graftskin, a model was constructed to compare the annual medical costs and cost-effectiveness of treating hard-to-heal venous leg(More)
OBJECTIVE To consider the impact on primary care patient outcomes of using both a screener to determine elevated anxiety levels among patients with previously undetected anxiety and a physician intervention to inform physicians of their patients' conditions. DESIGN Participating physicians were randomized to either the demonstration or the control arm,(More)
We developed decision-analytic models to determine the cost effectiveness of incorporating human papillomavirus (HPV) testing into the management of atypical and abnormal Pap smear results in Germany. The models compare three management strategies: (1) repeat Pap smear, (2) triage with HPV DNA testing, or (3) immediate treatment. The primary outcome measure(More)