Peter D. Harvie

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Homozygosity for a null mutation in the proliferation disrupter (prod) gene of Drosophila causes decreased mitotic index, defects of anaphase chromatid separation, and imperfect chromosome condensation in larval neuroblasts and other proliferating cell populations. The defective condensation is especially obvious near the centromeres. Mutant larvae show(More)
We have used an enhancer-trap approach to begin characterizing the function of the Drosophila endocrine system during larval development. Five hundred and ten different lethal PZ element insertions were screened to identify those in which a reporter gene within the P element showed strong expression in part or all of the ring gland, the major site of(More)
Ribulose1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (EC (Rubisco) is the first enzyme in the Calvin cycle pathway for the fixation of CO2 and consists of eight identical large subunits (55kDa) and eight identical small subunits (15 kDa) [ 12]. Studies on the control of expression of the sequences encoding the small subunit (rbc S) serve as the basis(More)
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