Peter D Barker

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The anionic soluble heme protein cytochrome b(562) was electrostatically immobilised on Ag electrodes coated with positively charged self-assembled monolayers of amino-terminated alkanethiols. The structure of the heme pocket, the redox equilibria, and the electron transfer dynamics were studied by stationary and time-resolved surface enhanced resonance(More)
Large crystallites of high purity zeolite rho were synthesized by controlled monitoring of the aging and heating period of the mother gel. The microwave conductivity of Rb-rho doped with up to 20 Rb atoms per unit cell was measured over the temperature range 15-300 K, and the structures of three of the samples were examined through Rietveld analysis of(More)
Amyloid fibres displaying cytochrome b562 were probed using scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) in vacuo. The cytochromes are electron transfer proteins containing a haem cofactor and could, in principle, mediate electron transfer between the tip and the gold substrate. If the core fibres were insulating and electron transfer within the 3D haem network was(More)
Spike discharges from the descending contralateral movement detector (DCMD) were recorded extracellularly from the ventral nerve cord of the locust in complete darkness, in response to dim flashes of constant-intensity light, and in response to pairs of identical flashes presented different intervals apart. Three phenomena were discovered: novel long-term(More)
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