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Pax-8, a member of the paired box-containing gene family, was shown to be coexpressed with Pax-2 in several human kidney carcinoma cell lines. Four different Pax-8 mRNA isoforms, a to d, were cloned from one of these cell lines by polymerase chain reaction amplification, and the Pax-8 gene was isolated from a human cosmid library. Analysis of the(More)
Caspases, a family of cysteine proteases, are critical mediators of apoptosis. To address the importance of caspases in thymocyte development, we have generated transgenic mice that express the baculovirus protein p35, a viral caspase inhibitor, specifically in the thymus. p35 expression inhibited Fas (CD95)-, CD3-, or peptide-induced caspase activity in(More)
The first term of the asymptotics of the best constants in Markov-type inequalities for higher derivatives of polynomials is determined in the two cases where the underlying norm is the L 2 norm with Laguerre weight or the L 2 norm with Gegenbauer weight. The coefficient in this term is shown to be the norm of a certain Volterra integral operator which(More)
The paper is concerned with best constants in Markov-type inequalities between the norm of a higher derivative of a polynomial and the norm of the polynomial itself. The norm of the polynomial is taken in L 2 with the Gegenbauer weight corresponding to a parameter α , while the derivative is measured in L 2 with the Gegenbauer weight for a parameter β.(More)
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