Peter Dörfler

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The diagnosis and quantification of microangiopathy in dementia is difficult. The assessment of small-vessel disease requires expensive and sophisticated nuclear medicine techniques. This study was performed to identify microangiopathy related to the integrity of cerebral microcirculation by sonographic measurements (arteriovenous(More)
Measurement of global cerebral blood flow (CBF) using extracranial duplex sonography has been described, but normal values are still lacking. In 85 healthy adults (median age 43.4 years, range 20 to 80 years), CBF was determined by duplex sonographic examination of both internal carotid arteries and vertebral arteries. The mean global CBF was 630+/-97(More)
The first term of the asymptotics of the best constants in Markov-type inequalities for higher derivatives of polynomials is determined in the two cases where the underlying norm is the L norm with Laguerre weight or the L norm with Gegenbauer weight. The coefficient in this term is shown to be the norm of a certain Volterra integral operator which depends(More)
Starting after the age of 35 years this German man had a slowly progressive distal myopathy greater in the legs than in the arms. First he realized gait difficulties with reduced ankle dorsiflexion. Serum creatine kinase activity was normal. Muscle biopsy studies showed myopathic changes, rimmed vacuoles and the presence of rods in 66% of the type 1 muscle(More)
The paper is concerned with best constants in Markov-type inequalities between the norm of a higher derivative of a polynomial and the norm of the polynomial itself. The norm of the polynomial is taken in L2 with the Gegenbauer weight corresponding to a parameter α , while the derivative is measured in L2 with the Gegenbauer weight for a parameter β . Under(More)