Peter Crowther

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The policy imperative to increase public participation in health and social care research, planning and service delivery raises significant questions about optimum approaches, methods and the extent to which this policy can influence change in practice. This paper highlights the key policy literature on user involvement and participatory research methods to(More)
GRAIL is a semantically constrained, generative compositional descriptive logic with subsumption and multiple inheritance designed to cope with the scale, complexity and variable granularity of medical concepts. It effectively represents a medical vocabulary for any application such as decision support systems, hospital record systems, clinical workstations(More)
OBJECTIVE Local authorities face real challenges when it comes to annual budget planning for funding the system of long-term care. Uncertainty about the long-term cost of caring for current residents in the system, in addition to unknown future admissions, have made the tasks of local authority budget managers very complex and demanding. In this paper, we(More)
Geometric frustration is an approach to the glass transition based upon the consideration of locally favoured structures (LFS), which are geometric motifs which minimise the local free energy. Geometric frustration proposes that a transition to a crystalline state is frustrated because these LFS do not tile space. However, this concept is based on(More)