Peter Crook Lloyd John

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The Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) CYCD2;1 gene introduced in genomic form increased cell formation in the Arabidopsis root apex and leaf, while generating full-length mRNA, raised CDK/CYCLIN enzyme activity, reduced G1-phase duration, and reduced size of cells at S phase and division. Other cell cycle genes, CDKA;1, CYCLIN B;1, and the cDNA form of(More)
Currently, there is little information to indicate whether plant cell division and development is the collective effect of individual cell programming (cell-based) or is determined by organ-wide growth (organismal). Modulation of cell division does not confirm cell autonomous programming of cell expansion; instead, final cell size seems to be determined by(More)
1. Isocitrate lyase disappeared from acetate-adapted cells of Chlorella when cells were incubated in darkness with glucose. Loss of activity was particularly rapid in nitrogen-free medium and was accompanied by disappearance of the enzyme protein. 2. Loss of isocitrate lyase activity was prevented by addition of 2-deoxyglucose, glucosamine, cycloheximide or(More)
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