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  • P Crichton
  • 1996
OBJECTIVE To investigate the eating habits of Romans during the first two centuries A.D. and their attitudes towards these eating habits in the light of contemporary Latin literary and historical sources and influential Greek medical sources. METHOD An extensive search of sources on the Roman Empire and emperors in the first two centuries A.D. was carried(More)
Many cancer patients use complementary alternative medicines (CAMs) but may not be aware of the potential risks. There are no studies quantifying such risks, but there is some evidence of patient risk from case reports in the literature. A cross-sectional survey of patients attending the outpatient department at a specialist cancer centre was carried out to(More)
To examine whether poor verbal fluency in schizophrenia represents a degraded semantic store or inefficient access to a normal semantic store, 25 normal volunteers and 50 DSM-III-R schizophrenic patients, matched for age, sex and IQ, were recruited. Although schizophrenic patients were impaired on both letter and category fluency, they showed a normal(More)
A patient with AIDS developed the Capgras' syndrome as part of an acute confusional state resulting from an opportunistic infection. Neuropsychological testing suggested non-dominant hemisphere dysfunction with impaired facial recognition. Serial CT scanning showed a right parietal lesion which resolved after the psychosis improved. These findings provide(More)
This study examined the nature and prevalence of abnormal movements in adults with Down's syndrome and also the clinical correlates of orofacial dyskinesia and the relationship between dyskinesia and the level of functional and intellectual disability. Movement disorder, language age, and disability were assessed in an epidemiologically based sample of 145(More)
Primitive reflexes, also known as higher cerebral, developmental or release reflexes, are present in foetal and infant life, and are found in certain organic brain diseases. They are normally regarded as non-localising signs of cerebral immaturity or dysfunction which are uncommon in the normal population. The main aims of this study were to find out(More)
BACKGROUND Low-grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm (LAMN) is a precursor lesion of pseudomyxoma peritonei, which, if treated suboptimally, may later disseminate throughout the abdominal cavity. We previously demonstrated the role of cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) to reduce the dissemination risk. Here we describe(More)
We believe that multiple reference sources, especially those published from countries where herbal medicine is more commonly used, should be used in order to provide an evidence-based advice. (2001) Clinical study of non-small cell lung cancer by Chinese herbal medicine combined with bronchial arterial chemotherapy. between vinorelbine and gamma-linolenic(More)