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Life and death fate decisions allow cells to avoid massive apoptotic death in response to genotoxic stress. Although the regulatory mechanisms and signalling pathways controlling DNA repair and apoptosis are well characterized, the precise molecular strategies that determine the ultimate choice of DNA repair and survival or apoptotic cell death remain(More)
The results of the first 3 years of cancer registration on the Caspian Littoral are described. The main finding, confirming previous reports, is a very large variation within the region of the incidence of oesophageal cancer. Possible sources of bias are considered and shown to contribute little to the pattern of incidence. Among women there is a(More)
The hypnotic and residual sedative effects of the first and seventh of seven regular night-time doses of nitrazepam 5 mg, temazepam 20 mg, and placebo were studied in 58 elderly inpatients. Plasma temazepam and nitrazepam concentrations rose by about 50% and 113% respectively between the mornings of day 1 and day 7. Patients reported sleeping well more(More)
The temporal and spatial patterns of accumulation of transcripts from individual actin genes during Drosophila embryogenesis have been determined by in situ hybridization. We describe the subcloning into transcription vectors of unique DNA fragments derived from the 3' transcribed, but nontranslated region of each actin gene. These fragments then served as(More)
The Software Technology Program of MCC is investigating the early part of the design process, before requirements are established, for large-scale distributed systems. Face-to-face meetings are an important activity during this phase of a project since they provide a medium for direction, exploration, and consensus building. Project Nick is attempting to(More)