Peter Conradi

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Our paper describes the fundamentals of an IP selection support tool that can be used over the Internet as well as in intranets of larger companies. Such a tool can be used to support the board and chip design activities of electronic circuit designers by informing about available products as IPs or chips to purchase. Online IP catalogues as they have been(More)
BACKGROUND The predominance of secretory IgA (S-IgA) in intestinal secretions compared with blood is well established, but concentrations of this protein in pancreatic juice and its origin, especially in chronic pancreatitis, are unknown. AIMS To investigate the role of S-IgA in chronic pancreatitis. PATIENTS Twenty one patients with chronic(More)
An in vitro preparation of the inner ear cochlea has been used to visualize the structural relationships of unfixed, living sensory cells and structural components within the intact hearing organ. By perfusing perilymphatic compartments of the cochlea with fluorochrome-conjugated dextran, the extracellular spaces were clearly outlined. The staining pattern(More)
In this paper a number of reuse approaches for circuit design are analysed. Based on this analysis an algebraic core model for discussion of a general reuse strategy is proposed. Using this model, the aim is to classify different reuse approaches for circuit design, to compare the applied terms and definitions, and to formulate classes of typical reuse(More)
This paper describes the fundamentals of a retrieval support tool. Such a tool can be used for the selection of electronic components or scalable design concepts. This prototype tool { called READee { is based on Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) techniques. The application domain of the prototype are digital signal processors (DSPs), from which some results are(More)
In order to extract a suitable common core information model, design representations on both system and architecture levels are analyzed. Following the specification trajectory, three design phases with different description methodologies are found to be widely used. The representations can be affiliated in an easily upgradable way using a compound graph(More)