Peter Connolly

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Intraocular pressure was measured in 24 patients undergoing elective cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. There was a rapid rise when the bypass circulation began, and this was maintained for about 30 minutes. A simultaneous drop in arterial perfusion pressure and packed cell volume occurred. We suggest that marked haemodilution is responsible for this effect,(More)
A multi-centre trial was carried out to compare the effectiveness in the treatment of chronic constipation of a lactulose preparation ("Duphalac") and "irritant" laxatives containing senna, anthraquinone derivatives or bisacodyl. The results, in 164 patients, indicate that the lactulose prepartion was more effective than the "irritant" laxatives. By Day 7,(More)
Patients with leg length discrepancy (LLD) develop compensatory mechanisms, which result in kinematic alterations in the lower limbs and pelvis. We investigated these compensatory mechanisms. Seven normal subjects underwent three-dimensional (3-D) gait analysis using a CODA MPX 30(R) analyser. The subjects were fitted with raises of varying heights to one(More)
OBJECT The authors have previously reported that the results of using cadaveric fibula and locking plate (CF/LP) fusion following anterior cervical discectomy (ACD) for cervical spondylotic radiculopathy and myelopathy are superior to those obtained using autologous iliac crest (AIC) grafts in the short term. The long-term results of using this construct(More)
BACKGROUND Proximal displacement of the gastro-esophageal junction (GEJ) is present in hiatus hernia but also occurs transiently during transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations (TLESRs) and swallows. Using a novel magnetic-based technique we have performed detailed examination of the GEJ movement during TLESRs and swallows in healthy subjects. (More)
BACKGROUND Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of neurological symptomatology. Surgical decompression remains the treatment of choice in patients not responding to conservative therapies. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of standard open decompression by analysis of symptomatic and functional improvement and to assess whether a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines the effect of various wound dressings on the pH levels of a wound, using a simulated wound environment. METHOD The pH levels of a 4 different wound dressings (manuka honey dressing, sodium carboxymethylcellulose hydrofiber dressing, polyhydrated ionogen-coated polymer mesh dressing, and a protease modulating collagen(More)
Cardiac preservation for transplantation is generally limited by ischemic hypothermic storage of 4-6 hours. Earlier studies in the authors' laboratory have demonstrated that hypothermic perfusion preservation using a novel oxygen carrying hemoglobin solution may extend preservation times to 8 hours and decrease ischemic injury. The purpose of this study was(More)
We examined the relationship of serum ferritin to bone marrow iron stores in 73 anemic male medical inpatients with liver disease, alcoholism, chronic inflammatory disease, and malignancies. A correlation of r = 0.75 (P less than .00005) was found between serum ferritin and bone marrow iron stores (BMIS) for the entire group. Liver disease as manifested(More)
BACKGROUND The high resolution esophageal manometry system manufactured by Sierra Scientific Instruments is widely used. The technology is liable to 'thermal drift', a change in measured pressure due to change in temperature. This study aims to characterize 'thermal drift' and minimize its impact. METHODS Response of the system to immediate temperature(More)