Peter Clarke

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[1] We develop a spectral inversion method for mass redistribution on the Earth's surface given geodetic measurements of the solid Earth's geometrical shape, using the elastic load Love numbers. First, spectral coefficients are geodetically estimated to some degree. Spatial inversion then finds the continental surface mass distribution that would force(More)
NMDA receptors (NMDARs) mediate ischemic brain damage, for which interactions between the C termini of NR2 subunits and PDZ domain proteins within the NMDAR signaling complex (NSC) are emerging therapeutic targets. However, expression of NMDARs in a non-neuronal context, lacking many NSC components, can still induce cell death. Moreover, it is unclear(More)
To optimize tracheoesophageal (TO) speech after total laryngectomy, it is vital to have a robust tool of assessment to help investigate deficiencies, document changes, and facilitate therapy. We sought to evaluate and validate electroglottography (EGG) as an important tool in the multidimensional assessment of TO speech. This study is a cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Dissection of the lymphatic structures in the neck is an integral part of the management of many head and neck cancers. We describe a technique of surgical dissection, preparing the tissue for more precise histological analysis while also reducing operative time and complexity. METHODS When dissected, each level is excised between lymph nodes(More)
both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The major program and a minor program, are described below. The School offers three undergraduate major programs and a minor program. Two tracks are available in the upper division program. The Computer Science track should be followed by the student who intends to continue to graduate study in computer(More)
BACKGROUND Campylobacter jejuni, the commonest cause of bacterial diarrhoea worldwide, can also induce colonic inflammation. To understand how a previously identified heat stable component contributes to pro-inflammatory responses we used microarray and real-time quantitative PCR to investigate the transcriptional response to a boiled cell extract of(More)
This study explored the influence of social identity and social context on achievement in a counterstereotypical domain. A group of 114 inner-city African American and Mexican American 12-year-old students completed Kuhn and McPartland's (1954) 20-statement " Who Am I " questionnaire and Rosenberg's (1965) self-esteem scale. Analysis of self-descriptions(More)