Peter Christiansen

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Male reproductive health has deteriorated in many countries during the last few decades. In the 1990s, declining semen quality has been reported from Belgium, Denmark, France, and Great Britain. The incidence of testicular cancer has increased during the same time incidences of hypospadias and cryptorchidism also appear to be increasing. Similar(More)
Localized proton spectroscopy was performed in 15 patients with acute or chronic multiple sclerosis (MS). Some of the patients were investigated serially, being given a total of 22 spectroscopic investigations. Resonances corresponding to free lipids were observed in six plaques. This was distinctly seen in two plaques at Days 70 and 85 after the occurrence(More)
We report the first measurement of charged particle elliptic flow in Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt[S(NN)] =2.76 TeV with the ALICE detector at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The measurement is performed in the central pseudorapidity region (|η|<0.8) and transverse momentum range 0.2<p t<5.0 GeV/c. The elliptic flow signal v₂, measured using the 4-particle(More)
The fully relaxed water signal was used as an internal standard in a STEAM experiment to calculate the concentrations of the metabolites: N-acetyl aspartate (NAA), creatine + phosphocreatine (Cr + PCr), and choline (Cho) containing compounds in four different parts of the brain in two age groups of healthy volunteers (20-30 yr, n = 8) and (60-80 yr, n = 8).(More)
The first measurement of the charged-particle multiplicity density at midrapidity in Pb-Pb collisions at a center-of-mass energy per nucleon pair √ S NN = 2.76 TeV is presented. For an event sample corresponding to the most central 5% of the hadronic cross section, the pseudorapidity density of primary charged particles at midrapidity is 1584 ± 4(stat) ±(More)
The brain of 142 healthy volunteers aged 21 to 80 years were investigated using MR imaging. The number and size of the white matter hyperintensity lesions (WMHL) in the cerebral hemispheres were determined. Furthermore, the volume of the cerebral hemispheres and of the lateral ventricles was measured. An almost linear increase in the number of volunteers(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The early time course after acute stroke of cerebral N-acetylaspartate, creatine and phosphocreatine, and compounds containing choline was studied in vivo by means of localized water-suppressed proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. METHODS Eight patients with acute stroke were studied serially in the acute phase, 1 week after, and(More)
AIM To reach consensus among specialists from the Nordic countries on the present state-of-the-art in treatment of undescended testicles. METHODS A group of specialists in testicular physiology, paediatric surgery/urology, endocrinology, andrology, pathology and anaesthesiology from all the Nordic countries met for two days. Before the meeting, reviews of(More)
The reliability of absolute quantification of average metabolite concentrations in the human brain in vivo by 1H-MRS using the fully relaxed water signal as an internal standard was tested in a number of in vitro as well as in vivo measurements. The experiments were carried out on a SIEMENS HELICON SP 63/84 wholebody MR-scanner operating at 1.5 T using a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess bone mineral content (BMC) and body composition in adolescents and young adults with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. METHODS BMC, anteroposterior-projected bone area (BA), bone mineral density, and fat mass percentage were determined by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in 18 patients aged 18-33 years (8 females and 10 males) with(More)