Peter Chen

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A parallel LLC resonant converter with series-connected in primary side and parallel-connected in secondary side is presented for server power supply systems. Based on the series resonant behavior, the power MOSFETs are turned on at zero voltage switching (ZVS) and the rectifier diodes are turned off at zero current switching (ZCS). Thus the switching(More)
The development of a 2L overmolded exposed die flip chip package is summarized in this paper. The development consisted of first completing extensive thermal & mechanical modeling for optimized package thermal & warpage performance. The modeling results were used to define manufacturing requirements including the bill of materials. Because the die(More)
The development of a thinner core (:100um) laminate array based exposed die fcCSP package with package to die area ratio > 12, package total height maximum 0.77mm that meets the JEDEC <; ±100um warpage requirement is discussed. The same approach used for the 150um thick core exposed die fcCSP technology was used for this work, namely finite(More)
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