Peter Cendula

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We investigate the relaxation of rectangular wrinkled thin films intrinsically containing an initial strain gradient. A preferential rolling direction, depending on wrinkle geometry and strain gradient, is theoretically predicted and experimentally verified. In contrast to typical rolled-up nanomembranes, which bend perpendicular to the longer edge of(More)
Three-dimensional micro-objects are fabricated by the controlled release of inherently strained SrRuO3/Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3/SrRuO3 nanometer-sized trilayers from SrTiO3(001) substrates. Freestanding cantilevers and rolled-up microtubes with a diameter of 6 to 8 μm are demonstrated. The etching behavior of the SrRuO3 film is investigated, and a selectivity of(More)
Self-positioned nanomembranes, such as rolled-up tubes and wrinkled thin films, have been potential systems for a variety of applications and basic studies on elastic properties of nanometer-thick systems. Although there is a clear driving force towards elastic energy minimization in each system, the exploration of intermediate states, in which specific(More)
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