Peter Cauwels

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OBJECTIVE Early detection and start of appropriate treatment are highly correlated with survival of sepsis and septic shock, but the currently available predictive tools are not sensitive enough to identify patients at risk. DESIGN Linear (time and frequency domain) and nonlinear (unifractal and multiscale complexity dynamics) measures of beat-to-beat(More)
Using open source data, we observe the fascinating dynamics of nighttime light. Following a global economic regime shift, the planetary center of light can be seen moving eastwards at a pace of about 60 km per year. Introducing spatial light Gini coefficients, we find a universal pattern of human settlements across different countries and see a global(More)
If the behavior of long-lived radon progeny was well understood, measurements of these could be used in epidemiological studies to estimate past radon exposure. Field measurements were done in a radon-prone area in the Ardennes (Belgium). The surface activity of several glass sheets was measured using detectors that were fixed on indoor glass surfaces.(More)
In an increasing range of research fields there is a strong demand of high-intensity tunable monochromatic X-ray sources. A promising new approach for the production of tunable high-intensity monochromatic beams in the hard X-ray region is the use of electron accelerators of moderate energy (10 MeV range). We developed at the 15 MeV linear electron(More)
We present a theoretical study of the complex relation between radon and its long-lived progeny implanted in glass surfaces. The well known (extended) Jacobi room model, which is normally used to describe radon and its progeny in a room, was transformed into a two-parameter model revealing a linear correlation between long term radon exposure and surface(More)
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