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This paper presents a comparison study between 10 automatic and six interactive methods for liver segmentation from contrast-enhanced CT images. It is based on results from the "MICCAI 2007 Grand Challenge" workshop, where 16 teams evaluated their algorithms on a common database. A collection of 20 clinical images with reference segmentations was provided(More)
Low back pain is a common problem in rowers of all levels. Few studies have looked at the relationship between rowing technique, the forces generated during the rowing stroke and the kinematics of spinal motion. Of particular concern with respect to spinal injury and damage are the effects of fatigue during long rowing sessions. A technique has been(More)
Self-recording of the blood pressure by patients away from hospital or office ("home blood pressure") has been advocated as providing a better estimate of "true" blood pressure. The reliability of home blood-pressure recording has been assessed only by standard indirect methods which themselves are subject to considerable error and variability. The accuracy(More)
Indirect blood pressures recorded with a random zero sphygmomanometer were compared with simultaneous intra-arterial blood pressures recorded with the Oxford system. Twenty five patients undertook a graded bicycle exercise test, cycling at workloads increasing from 41, 65, 114, and 163 W (250 to 400, 700, and 1000 kpm per min) with each grade being(More)
1. We have assessed the day-to-day reproducibility of intra-arterial blood pressure by monitoring 17 freely ambulant hypertensive patients for a period of 48 h. Eight had no change of therapeutic regimen throughout and nine took a single dose of a hypotensive agent before retiring on the second night. 2. Records were analysed to provide hourly mean values(More)
This paper presents discussions on experimental result evaluation outcomes of a new liver volume segmentation method developed for 10 specified CT image datasets. Precise liver surface segmentation is the first step and one of the major tasks in individual surgical resection virtual reality simulations. There are five major difficulties: Firstly, the(More)
In 20 subjects with chronic congestive heart failure due to coronary artery disease, the 24-hour variability of ambulatory intraarterial blood pressure (BP) was studied using an improved Oxford Medilog system, and correlated with left ventricular function at rest. The mean radionuclide ejection fraction was 27% (range 10 to 42), the mean pulmonary arterial(More)