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This paper presents a comparison study between 10 automatic and six interactive methods for liver segmentation from contrast-enhanced CT images. It is based on results from the "MICCAI 2007 Grand Challenge" workshop, where 16 teams evaluated their algorithms on a common database. A collection of 20 clinical images with reference segmentations was provided(More)
This paper presents discussions on experimental result evaluation outcomes of a new liver volume segmentation method developed for 10 specified CT image datasets. Precise liver surface segmentation is the first step and one of the major tasks in individual surgical resection virtual reality simulations. There are five major difficulties: Firstly, the(More)
This paper is a joint effort between five institutions that introduces several novel similarity measures and combines them to carry out a multimodal segmentation evaluation. The new similarity measures proposed are based on the location and the intensity values of the mis-classified voxels as well as on the connectivity and the boundaries of the segmented(More)
Knee is a complex and articulated joint of the body. Cartilage is a smooth hyaline spongy material between the tibia and femur bones of knee joint. Cartilage morphology change is an important biomarker for the progression of osteoarthritis (OA). Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the modality widely used to image the knee joint because of its hazard free(More)
This paper is a joint effort between several institutions that propose a new evaluation method for segmentation techniques using mul-timodal information. We propose new similarity measures based on the location and the intensity values of the misclassified voxels and also based on the connectivity and the boundaries of the segmented data and we show how the(More)
Methods have been developed for ambulatory BP and EKG recording on the Medilog 4/24 which provide much better accuracy and signal quality than the system currently in use. The BP signal is recorded digitally, at 20 samples/sec. and can be replayed on existing equipment with the addition of a compatible decoder module. The EKG is recorded on FM carrier, and(More)
Accurate segmentation of knee cartilage in magnetic resonance (MR) images to automatically measure thickness values is a basic need in diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis. A new fast algorithm (comprising an Edge-enhanced Distance Transform aiding a narrowband Directional Gradient Vector Flow geometric Snake) was evaluated on >20 synthetic and real(More)
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