Peter Carey

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Accurate diagnosis of rare inherited anaemias is challenging, requiring a series of complex and expensive laboratory tests. Targeted next-generation-sequencing (NGS) has been used to investigate these disorders, but the selection of genes on individual panels has been narrow and the validation strategies used have fallen short of the standards required for(More)
Letters to the Editor 151 Fig. 1. Blood film demonstrating chronic myeloid leukemia in lymphoid blast transformation. in beta-thalassemia patients: a single-center experience and a concise review of the literature. Chronic myelogenous leukemia in sickle cell/beta 0-thalassemia. of lymphoma with bone marrow involvement in a boy with beta+ thalassaemia major.(More)
Patients with severe mental illness have higher than expected prevalence rates of co-morbid general medical conditions, particularly metabolic and cardiovascular disease. They are also at increased risk of contracting HIV. Conversely, these and other medical disorders also increase the risk of developing mental disorders. Mental illness and general medical(More)
This study assessed the reliability of measurements made by four physical therapists on healthy subject gait data recorded from the Krusen limb load monitor. The five components of step (stance time, time up, time to second peak, and force at the first and second peaks) were analyzed. Six components contributing to gait (ambulation time; velocity; cadence;(More)
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