Peter C. Buijs

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BACKGROUND In the past decade, a considerable amount of research has been carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of innovative low back pain (LBP) interventions. Although some interventions proved(More)
AIMS To determine obstacles for return-to-work in disability management of low back pain patients sicklisted for 3-4 months. METHODS A cohort of 467 low back pain patients sicklisted for 3-4 months(More)
Objectives: To describe medical management by the general practitioner (GP) and occupational physician (OP) of workers sick listed due to mental health problems, and to determine agreement in(More)
BACKGROUND Work and being able to work are important prerequisites for health and well being. Health problems can have a negative influence on the ability to work and not being able to work can be(More)
INTRODUCTION Workers with chronic low back pain (LBP) mean a heavy human and social-economic burden. Their medical histories often include different treatments without attention to work-relatedness(More)
PURPOSE To assess how often rotational angiography depicts more severe internal carotid arterial stenosis compared with conventional intraarterial digital subtraction angiography (DSA) in two or(More)