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From an extensive review of public domain information on dairy cattle quantitative trait loci (QTL), we have prepared a draft online QTL map for dairy production traits. Most publications (45 out of 55 reviewed) reported QTL for the major milk production traits (milk, fat and protein yield, and fat and protein concentration (%)) and somatic cell score.(More)
The blood brain barrier is the major obstacle to treating lysosomal storage disorders of the central nervous system such as canine fucosidosis. This barrier was overcome by three, monthly injections of recombinant canine α-l-fucosidase enzyme were given intracisternally. In dogs treated from 8 weeks of age enzyme reached all areas of central nervous system(More)
Discerning the traits evolving under neutral conditions from those traits evolving rapidly because of various selection pressures is a great challenge. We propose a new method, composite selection signals (CSS), which unifies the multiple pieces of selection evidence from the rank distribution of its diverse constituent tests. The extreme CSS scores capture(More)
We analysed linkage disequilibrium (LD) in Australian Holstein-Friesian cattle by genotyping a sample of 45 bulls for 15 closely-spaced microsatellites on two regions of BTA6 reported to carry important QTL for dairy traits. The order and distance of markers were based on the USDA-MARC linkage map. Frequencies of haplotypes were estimated using the E-M(More)
The processes regulating the complex neurodegenerative cascade of vacuolation, neuroinflammation, neuronal loss and myelin deficits in fucosidosis, a neurological lysosomal storage disorder, remain unclear. To elucidate these processes the gene expression profile of the cerebral cortex from untreated and intrathecal enzyme replacement therapy treated(More)
MOTIVATION Gene expression data exhibit common information over the genome. This article shows how data can be analysed from an efficient whole-genome perspective. Further, the methods have been developed so that users with limited expertise in bioinformatics and statistical computing techniques could use and modify this procedure to their own needs. The(More)
Purebred dog health is thought to be compromised by an increasing occurence of inherited diseases but inadequate prevalence data on common disorders have hampered efforts to prioritise health reforms. Analysis of primary veterinary practice clinical data has been proposed for reliable estimation of disorder prevalence in dogs. Electronic patient record(More)
The probability of detecting first, second, and later quanta secreted at release sites of a motor-nerve terminal during the early release period following a nerve impulse has been addressed. The possibility that early quantal release autoinhibits later quantal release during this period has also been ascertained. In this investigation, a model for the(More)
A male sheep linkage map comprising 191 microsatellites was generated from a single family of 510 Awassi-Merino backcross progeny. Except for ovine chromosomes 1, 2, 10 and 17, all other chromosomes yielded a LOD score difference greater than 3.0 between the best and second-best map order. The map is on average 11% longer than the Sheep Linkage Map v4.7(More)
An (Awassi × Merino) × Merino single-sire backcross family with 165 male offspring was used to map quantitative trait loci (QTL) for body composition traits on a framework map of 189 microsatellite loci across all autosomes. Two cohorts were created from the experimental progeny to represent alternative maturity classes for body composition assessment.(More)